2011 New Color Trends... Don't Be Afraid of Color
By: Luis Caicedo

Are you looking to sell your home or want to create a quick change in your environment? Adding color to your walls or choosing colorful accessories is a great way to do it. Creating a great fresh neutral backdrop and adding a saturated color accent will bring glamour and excitement to your dwellings this new year.

Warm grays with a hint of blue or green create a delicate balance when paired against richer hues like brown gray, stone, orange or deep turquoise.

Think about engaging combinations like light-turquoise blue and white-cream or soft purple, silver and gray-brown tones to create your room giving it a young, casual playful mood.

Or for a richer, decadent and more luxurious room -evoking bygone eras like the 40's and Victorian times- create a monochromatic environment with tones like deep purples, eggplant and deep browns to make a dramatic space that would be the perfect background for stylish furnishings, textiles and accessories.

Going in a complete different direction, did you know that Honeysuckle is the chosen color of 2011? Described as vibrant and confident, Honeysuckle looks rich and courageous against the deepest browns but feels fresh and vital when used as an accent color.

Choose your accessories wisely. Stay away from clutter and think big! Think bold and elegant and don't be afraid of a little drama. Create a balance between deep dark tones and shimmering surfaces, soft fabrics and solid pieces of furniture to anchor your room.

When there is so much texture and color going on in the room, what should you do with the ceiling? I love a crisp light white (or off-white) surface to balance it all. It will give the space an awesome sense of stature, breathing room and will function as the connecting element throughout the room.

Here’s to you, wishing you a great 2011 filled with color, drama and style!

Luis Caicedo is a Colombian designer based in New York City who designs home accessories and specializes in small spaces. As an interior designer, Luis works in Bogota, Colombia, Chicago, New York City, Fire Island and East Hampton. His eclectic style is a mix of traditional elements and modern accents that come from many walks of life and are put together in a way to compliment each other regardless of their monetary value.

Caicedo’s work has been seen on HGTV’s Small Space Big Style and HBO-Latino. He is also published in national and international magazines including Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces, Hong Kong’s premiere design magazine Modern Home, Chile’s design magazine Vivienda Y Diseno, London design magazine Emel, Chicago’s Shelter and New York’s Metro.

Luis Caicedo’s Ecopeel accessories are produced in Colombia and combine humor and modern lines with traditional artisanship. He is working with choice artisans around the world developing house accessories creating sustainable products and fair market prices.

Luis is happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact Luis at Luis@LuisCaicedo.com and visit him at www.LuisCaicedo.com.