3 Ideal Cities in Metro Manila to Invest In

Makati business district

The Philippines is an attractive spot for foreign investors. In fact, it’s the best country to invest in according to U.S. News’ 2018 Best Countries ranking report. The report only focuses on certain attributes, such as economic stability, entrepreneurship, favorable tax environment, and others.

Additionally, it shows that the Philippines has a total gross domestic product (GDP) of $304.9 billion and GDP growth of 6.9 percent. If you’re planning to invest in the country, Property Access Philippines recommends making a smart decision to make the most out of your money.

In the Philippines, there are plenty of places that offer great potential for investments, particularly in Metro Manila. Here are three cities within the metro that are worth investing in.

1. Makati City: The Premier CBD in the Philippines

Makati City is the leading business district in the country. The city is ideal for individuals who want to live in a place that has almost everything. Towering office buildings, major shopping centers, and a mix of entertainment places line the streets of this city.

Makati is also accessible because it is close to major transportation infrastructures in the metro. For example, you can reach Makati via the PNR line, MRT, EDSA, SLEX, or Circumferential Road 5. The local government continues its efforts to add more infrastructure to give access to other forms of transportation, such as airports and seaports.

Additionally, the city offers premium residential base. It’s popular for having high-quality, low-density residential villages around the CBD. This can be the pockets of low-density developments that manage the growth of high-density housing development.

2. Pasig: The Green City

Pasig City is popular as the environmentally friendly city in Metro Manila. One of the most notable eco-friendly initiatives of its local government is the implementation of zero plastic policy. You will notice how shopping centers and food chains use paper bags as alternatives to conventional plastics.

Its local government also provided 100 bicycles as part of the Pasigreen Bike Share program. This project aims to help individuals, particularly those in Ortigas Center (a business district in Pasig) to have a mode of transportation that doesn’t pollute the air.

Apart from its green projects, Pasig City takes safety seriously. Its Smart Public Safety Management System project even won as one of the most outstanding smart city projects by the International Data Corporation (IDC) Asia/Pacific. The city is also one of the 19 winners in the Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) together with Singapore, Taiwan, and China.

3. Quezon City: A Home for Urban Lifestyle

Quezon City is another promising location in Metro Manila that’s worth investing in. If you live in QC, you’ll have access to various shopping malls situated next to each other. There are markets that sell fresh produce at affordable prices.

This is also an ideal city to put up a food business because the city is popular for its food scenes. Here, there are restaurants and cafés that serve diverse, delicious food. No wonder this city is a go-to place for younger Filipinos.

Quezon City is also a home for recreational parks, such as La Mesa Ecopark, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, and Balara Filters Park. You can also find the iconic concert venue and two of the biggest TV networks in the country.

Some of the premier universities in the Philippines are here, too, including the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College.

There are a lot of considerations before investing in a certain country, be it in business or property. Do thorough research and seek professional guidance when necessary.