Dust Extraction Need-To-Knows: Extraction System Considerations

Industrial businesses are no strangers to dust, fume and mist; it comes with the nature of the job. Dust from construction, mining and material processing operations result in harmful elements that compromise the environment and worker safety.

“Dust may seem insignificant,” says Intex System, a local supplier, “But the problems it can cause are well-documented.” Instead of enduring the problem, the company recommends using high quality dust extraction systems in NZ.

Finding the right system, however, is not simple. You will need time and expert advice to determine which excavator to get. Also, it’s important to know where to start.

Know Your Dust Control Needs

Each business comes with a unique set of dust collection requirements. Determine your needs by assessing your workplace first: what are the types of dust does it generate? Which machines produce the most amount of dust? Also, do not forget to determine the required air volume to control the elements.

Knowing the answers will require an expert hand. Professionals also provide insight and customise solutions according to your business’ dust control needs.

What Are Your Options?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in dust extraction. After determining the specifics of your workplace, know your available options. With the help of a professional, work out a solution according to the following parameters:

  • Horse power consumption
  • Monitoring processes
  • Utility requirements
  • Air quality
  • Replacement of parts and filters

Do you plan on adding more machinery later? Invest in a larger unit now to prevent sacrificing your current unit’s performance.

It is difficult to ignore the dangers of dust and fume in the workplace. Doing so may result in costly accidents, sick employees and equipment failure. Instead of dealing with worse problems in the future, best to invest in the right dust excavator system now.