How to Make the Most of Your Small Office Space

Image of employees working at a small office

Are you in the process of designing the layout of your new office? Then you have several things to think about. If you have a small space, for example, your design options are limited. While this poses a challenge, it is not something that you cannot overcome.

The important thing is to make your office comfortable for your employees and conducive to productivity. To help you out, here are some tips that you might want to consider.

Position the Machines Properly

When planning the placement of your printers, copy machines, and other office equipment, think about the location of the power outlets and phone jacks. To avoid running the cords all over the place, have the machines placed up against a wall.

Leave a Space for the Coffee Machine

If there is not any room for an office kitchen where everyone can make a cup of Joe, consider getting a coffee machine instead. Apart from being a great space-saver, a coffee machine lets your employees get their caffeine fix in a fast and convenient way.

Since there are different coffee machines available on the market today, it is best to get in touch with a reliable office coffee machine hire company to find the best type for your business.

Make the Windows the Focal Point

Arrange the desks in a way that allows your employees enjoy a clear view of a window. The brightness and view of the outside world can create an illusion of space. To minimise external distractions, consider installing blinds or any window coverings.

Use Portable Screen Partitions

For offices with limited spaces, installing freestanding screen partitions is a better option than building traditional partitions made of solid wood. They keep the area from looking cramped and restricted.

Designing a small yet functional office space can be quite challenging. The trick is to create a plan before stuffing the area with various equipment and furniture pieces.