Practical Ways to Save Space in Your Business Premises

small business workplace

If your business is still growing, you do not necessarily need a large office space. It is possible to operate from a small office as long as you organise it efficiently. Saving space in your business premises is easier than you think. Additionally, you will save working capital that you can use to expand your business.

Using mobile shelves is one way to maximise space. You should invest in a compact shelving system, which can be a single shelf if your paperwork is minimal or a small bulk filer if your business is account-based for clientele documentation. Other strategies that you can implement include:


You can mount wall shelves for storage to save on floor space. To minimise filing space needs, you can switch to cloud storage or use applications such as Dropbox to store your important business documents. This shift will save you not only space but also money and time used to access records.

Open-Plan Design

Instead of having private cubicles for your employees, have an open-plan office for each department. Adopt vertical space utilisation to maximise floor space. Invest in desks that are less space-consuming than regular ones and organise the office. An open-plan office also makes it easier to have a standing meeting if you do not have a conference room.


Sell off all the furniture that you do not need. Go for stacking chairs that can be used if you need more seating space during meetings. Make your common areas multipurpose and introduce shared machines such as printers. Take inventory of your stock and list it in order of priority to avoid having dead stock. Besides, this will make it easier to adopt an efficient method of dispatching goods.

Ultimately, make sure that your office space is practical. Zone your office in a way that makes running your business operations efficient. If you don’t know where to start, you can consult professional interior designers to help you.