Responsibilities of the Retail Management Apprentice

Beautiful skilled entrepreneur dressed in black apron with mock up making coffee business by herselfBeing a retail manager is no easy task, but knowing the responsibilities involved in the job and having the right qualifications can help the applicant become successful. Consultants at The Friedman Group explain that retail management training is crucial for the aspiring manager to learn technical and supervisory skills.

Before assuming the position as a retail store manager, the trainee will have to experience the job first hand and understand the organization’s mission, values, and retail operations and philosophies. He or she will work under the supervision of a seasoned store manager and gain essential skills in bookkeeping, advertising, merchandising, inventory, and human resource management.

Responsibilities in Retail Administration

The trainee’s primary responsibility is to learn new leadership and management skills, participate in training and events, and demonstrate his or her improving proficiency. The training program opens opportunities for the candidate to experience how actual retail management works and prepares him or her for the decision-making aspect of the job.

As the store manager, he or she will be taking actions in the areas of merchandising and will learn the movement of goods starting from the supplier up to the delivery to the end user.

Managing People

Retail managers also have human resources responsibilities. Under the guidance of a supervisor, the candidate will participate in employee-related management functions such as hiring, interviewing, coaching, and training of new hires. Performance appraisals, discipline, and conflict resolutions are also part of the retail manager’s job description.

Learning to manage people is an integral part of the training because it prepares the apprentice for when he or she has to lead a team of store staff. Having people skills allows a manager to set proper standards and become a role model for other employees.

Preparation is crucial for any job, and joining a retail management program will help the would-be manager to become accustomed to all the processes involved in the position.