Sales Lead Generation: How to Find New Customers

Finding New Customers

Relying on just a few repeat customers could leave your business vulnerable because losing just one or two could result in lower profits and cash flow. But by making effort and time to drum up new business for your t-shirt franchise business, you could increase your profits in a more sustainable way and reduce your chances of failure.

Below are some tips to help to get new customers.

Know who your customers are

While you don’t really need to pay for extensive market research, you need to know your target customers. Create a profile of your target clients and specify what they want or need and how you could deliver it to them. Aim to provide better value to customers or something that your competitors don’t offer.

Don’t forget the basics

Give away leaflets, distribute flyers, and offer introductory deals to new customers. You could also launch a social media, email marketing, or direct mail campaign to reach new customers.

Give your existing customers incentives

You could offer discounts for loyal customers or a commission when they bring new customers. Keep in mind that word-of-mouth recommendations still remain the most effective and powerful advertising tactic, so be sure to take care of your existing customers so they’ll take care of you in return.

Think of other ways to advertise your business

Why not provide free advertising on your site to non-competitors, so they could do the same for you on their site. Likewise, consider pay-per-click or PPC advertising (if you’re not yet doing it), which could be a cost-effective and targeted way to get new customers. If you’re not selling online yet, now’s the time to do it.

Network whenever you can

Attend trade shows and connect with as many individuals as possible. Join local business events and associations and don’t forget online networking.

It’s important to set practical targets because you need to have benchmark goals to gauge the success or failure of your efforts to gain new customers. For instance, you might intend to get new customers to boost your profit by say 5% in the next six months. Lastly, be sure to review your sales lead generation plan to see what’s working and what’s not.