Stillage Cages: Using Them Effectively

Stillage containers are made of steel, and their open design makes it easy for users to store, separate and move products and goods around easily.

Stillage container cages have proven to be very beneficial to commercial enterprises by cutting down on time it takes to load, transport and unload products. Whether it is on a factory floor or in an office, these units can be stacked away or used to hold items. Getting organised and finding items when you need them is very easy.

While picking a stillage container, check whether a top door or a drop front makes sense. Each stillage container is made with steel which makes them highly durable and able to withstand rough use.

Types of Stillage Cages

The most commonly available stillages currently are: cages with sheet metal sides, metal cages with mesh sides, and combination cages. Stillage cages can be custom built to suit any need: with or without partitions, castor wheels for easy transportation, forklift friendly, galvanised steel or painted sides, drop front doors, and flip top lids.

Different Features Make Cages More User-Friendly

Stillage cages with dividers are very popular and in high demand. Their popularity is due to customised removable or fixed dividers, and even use mesh or metal walls. Such features offer users the option of storing items of different sizes.

Cages can also be fitted with forklift guides to make it easier to transport. These guides also make it easy for the forklift driver to have a balanced load.

Adding on castor wheels which rotate in all directions makes it easier to transport items across a warehouse or office floor. For many, this is a versatile and flexible solution. If customers want to use stillages in a specific spot, they can choose fixed leg containers.

Metal post stillage cages are a wonderful alternative to wooden pallets. You can use them to store heavy items. They also offer another option for businesses.

These trolleys are designed to facilitate easy movement of items and are a great choice for consumers who need storage space as well as mobility.