What To Consider When Packaging For Transit

Package box

Packaging is an important consideration for any business. The choice you make would determine how your products are displayed, introduced, protected or preserved. This is especially true if you’ll be shipping your product over large distances. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing the right transit packaging from the Eastpac Group:


In the UK, two-thirds of plastic packaging gets thrown into landfills. Manufacturers are currently striving to find a balance between quality packaging products and environmental concerns. In line with this, you could choose biodegradable packaging for your products. Not only will this be good for the environment, but biodegradable packaging is a cost-effective choice as well.

Supply Chain

Consider the processes involved in the distribution of your merchandise. Make sure that your packaging holds up as it goes along the supply chain until it reaches the consumer. Take note of the resilience of the product, its compliance with local laws and regulations and its ability to match the expectations of retailers and consumers.

Branding and Marketing

Do not underestimate the effect of shelf appeal. Customers want to see your brand and perhaps get some basic info on the packaging before they open a product. If your product is edible, make sure you follow the new nutrition label guidelines provided by the Department of Health. They also appreciate packaging that is tamper proof, easy to open, and functional.

When choosing how to package your products, you should strike the balance between form and functionality. Not only should the package hold up during transit, but it should also look good while doing it.