Your Guide to Designing a Kid-Friendly Pool at Home

The swimming pool can be your children’s ultimate playground at home. To make sure your kids will have the time of the day in your pool, you need to consider these factors:


A pool is a source of potential dangers, especially for kids. To ensure their safety at all times, talk to professional pool builders in Dallas. Also, consider these few safety guidelines.

  • Add a barrier around the perimeter of the pool and make sure the gate is always locked. Also, you need to lock windows and doors in the house that lead to the pool. Kids tend to get overly enthusiastic just at the sight of water; you wouldn’t want them sneaking up just for the chance to play in the water unsupervised.
  • Establish pool rules with your kids and make it clear that you’re serious about implementing them. Rules should depend on the age of your children.
  • Consider installing a pool alarm.
  • Have some floaters and other rescue equipment within reach.
  • Ensure that the perimeters of the pool are not slippery.
  • Teach your kids to swim.
  • Learn proper CPR technique.
  • Have an adult supervise the kids at all times.


Of course, play is also an important aspect in making the pool kid-friendly. To make the area attractive to children, consider these few tips.

  • Install water features that are appropriate for the age of your kids. Splash pads, diving boards, and slides are particularly exciting for children.
  • Buy some toys that are suitable for pool use.
  • Spruce up the surrounding area. For instance, you can have a home theater installed near the pool area.

Not many things excite kids more than spending an entire day in the pool. And as long as you put safety measures in place, you can soak in some of their enthusiasm and spend quality time with them in the pool.