A world of choices

a woman with perfect teeth

Every day people make hundreds of choices; what to wear to work, what to eat for lunch, what route to take back home. Some choices are intuitive and easy but others, such as what braces to get, can be rather more complicated. Teeth straightening is such a complex field that a whole branch of dentistry is dedicated to it: orthodontics. In Weybridge, as elsewhere across the UK, orthodontics is increasingly not just for kids. The advent of braces designed specifically with adults in mind has changed the field of orthodontics considerably in recent years.

Patients in need of orthodontics in Weybridge can turn to many different dental practices for treatment, including Weybridge Orthodontics. The range of braces on offer will depend on whether the dentists at the practice have attended the various training courses provided by the companies who manufacture the braces.

Here are two popular types of braces for adults, one fixed and one removable:


Orthodontics in Weybridge was transformed when Invisalign came on the market. No more metal brackets or wires when it comes to this removable teeth-straightening treatment. A series of clear, plastic aligners, similar to mouth guards only much thinner at 0.3mm, are worn over the course of treatment. Pressure points built into the aligners push the teeth into straighter positions over on average 12 months. Patients move from one aligner to the next themselves, reducing the number of dental appointments they need. Their clear appearance is ideal for patients who are put off by the thought of conspicuous metal braces. Invisalign works for mild-to-moderate misalignments.


For patients with more severe misalignments issues who want a discreet alternative to traditional train track braces, there is Incognito. At first glance they may not sound that different. They use brackets attached to the teeth, strung together by a wire that pulls the teeth into alignment. However there is one massive difference – Incognito braces are attached to the backs of the teeth where they are hidden from view.

When it comes to orthodontics in Weybridge, there are many more options to explore with an experienced braces dentist.