Best Exercises for Your Underactive Thyroid

Woman Doing Some Exercise

Got an underactive thyroid? Fatigue, joint issues, and muscle pain may have left you not so keen on exercising. But experts agree that workout is vital and can make you feel better.

To reap the fruits of physical activity, talk to your doctor before you start working out. outlines some of the best activities to get you moving.


Walking is a free, simple, and easy way to get active and become healthier. Walking should then be your first step once you decide to get and stay active.
Just get a pair of comfortable shoes or trainers. Walk a comfortable distance and increase your speed and distance gradually.

Water Aerobics

Water supports the joints as you move. The hold up helps lower the impact on the joints. Water aerobics can then be a great option if your ankles or feet are swollen. Fitness experts may recommend it if the pain is stopping you from exercising.

Strength Training

Strength training will help you become stronger, leaner, and healthier. You can build muscle by lifting weights or using your body weight. The stronger muscles will help reduce the pressure on your painful joints.


Yoga is a total mind and body exercise. It combines stretching and strengthening poses with meditation and deep breathing. Regardless of your age or fitness level, you can do basic poses and stretches. Besides other benefits, yoga can help people with underactive thyroid build lung strength.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a safe, gentle, low-impact, and slow-motion workout. You don’t need fancy equipment to practice this stress-busting activity. But Tai chi can help maintain and improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and mood.

Working out can help you manage hypothyroidism. Staying active can improve your physical and mental health, as well as your quality of life. Talk to your doctor or professional fitness trainer about the exercises that suit your age and fitness level.