Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings Hill That Patients Want to Text About

a woman with perfect teeth

Online communication has exploded in wonderful ways over the past couple of decades. We can now contact our friends 24/7 and use a variety of ways to do so. Whether it’s images, text or old-fashioned phone calls, everyone wants to share their experiences and successes. Cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill lends itself well to the world of social media. People can instantly begin to get ‘likes’ and hearts for their treatment by posting the immediate and dramatic impact that some procedures can have.

Even when cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill takes little longer, people can still talk to their friends about the journey and show them results achieved by other patients at practices like One Smile Oral Care. They can document their progress and even set themselves reminders about appointments and dates for follow up. Below we unravel some of the text phrases that are particularly applicable to the cosmetic dentistry experience.

IKR? — I know, right?

This is an increasingly common way to emphatically agree with someone. It’s also used as an acknowledgement of something well done or a compliment. One of the aims of cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill is to help people feel like they stand out in a world of cookie-cutter images and media representation of beauty. Everyone has individual beauty that can be enhanced with a sensitive and skilled treatment. Once a patient has had the right procedure or two, they will be happy to smile and exclaim, ‘I know, right?’.

OMG — Oh My God!

This is the exclamation that patients want to see when they take their first selfie and post online after cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. No filters are required when they have something like teeth whitening because the enhancement is real.

LOL — Laugh Out Loud

The appropriate beauty treatment can enhance someone’s mood to the point where they feel like laughing out loud at the slightest funny moment. There can be a social tendency to be deadpan and underwhelmed in today’s world but, with the effects that can be achieved with cosmetic dentistry, smiling and LOL-ing will soon be back on-trend. It may even lead to an ALOL (actual laugh out loud).