Dental Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Woman covering her mouth because of bad breath

When it comes to talking about the status of the British’s oral health, a common misconception is that they have bad teeth. And while this is somewhat stereotypical, it remains a fact for a lot of people in the United Kingdom, both children and adults.

The good news is, with the advancements the cosmetic and orthodontic industry in the nation, those suffering from dental imperfections can finally have such problems corrected.

If you have any of the following concerns, know that you can seek the appropriate treatment from a highly experienced Stoke-on-Trent dentist, such as those from Diana Dental.

Teeth discolouration or staining

Teeth whitening treatments, such as bleaching and through laser, has now become one of the most popular dental cosmetic procedures. As the name already suggests, it helps get rid of teeth discolouration, including yellowed, browned, or stained teeth.

You can also undergo this treatment if you have teeth with noticeable white spots.

Tooth damages or irregularly shaped/sized teeth

Chipped or gapped teeth also affect a lot of UK adults and children. Those with such imperfections typically undergo dental bonding or crowning.

This involves the application of a material, usually composite resin or porcelain, on the surface of the affected teeth to repair damages, including chips or cracks, as well as correcting the size of smaller or misshapen teeth. Crowns also help stabilise and strengthen weakened or damaged teeth.

Weak teeth due to previous injuries

Physical injuries can cause teeth to fall out. In some cases though, it only leaves the teeth weakened. In such a case, you can opt for veneers, which can strengthen and stabilise them. It can also serve as a way to correct teeth discolouration.

These are just some of the myriad of other oral health issues that you can seek treatment for. With these, you will find yourself smiling more frequently, which will then lead to the noticeable improvement of your self-confidence.