How to Enjoy a Long and Happy Life with a Healthy Heart

a woman at the gym

Aiming for a healthier weight is admirable and a good move if your intention is to enjoy a long and healthy life. If only that is enough to ensure that your heart remains healthy for decades to come.

If you are obese or diagnosed with diabetes, or a regular person wanting to turn a new leaf, there are other important aspects of preventive cardiology that doctors in Beaver can help you with.


The evolution of cardiovascular disease involves numerous risk factors. Nutrition is an important and often neglected aspect. You may be obsessed with cutting calories, but you have to give equal attention to proper nutrition. Doctors warn against energy-restricted diets because of the risk of heart damage observed in persons who already have cardiovascular disease.

Generally, if you want to win the fight against cardiovascular disease, you need to choose foods rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Foods that do not contain vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, and mostly containing sugars and starches are not advisable.

Physical Activity​

Based on research, sedentary people are at more risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Proactive people who have a regular regimen of physical activity are not as threatened by disabling chronic illnesses as those who choose to sit on the couch all day.

Get up on both feet and use them to walk around the block. Walk a few blocks more and walk fast. If walking is the only exercise you can engage in, fast-walk for an hour for at least five days a week. Do it on a treadmill if there is nowhere to walk in your area or residence.

The challenge for cardiologists is promoting physical activity and movement, as well as assisting patients in finding activities they can fully engage in. The challenge for you is to choose nutrient-rich foods over easy-to-prepare meals. You must find time and energy to change certain aspects of your life if you want to live longer and happier.