How to Hide Thinning Hair Before You Get a Hair Transplant

It’s not just the wrinkles, fine lines and skin blemishes that may reveal your real age. Your hair gets old too. Hair colour would be the perfect solution if this were only about greys, but as your scalp ages, the strands of your hair get thinner. Before you know it, your thinning hair has already become a cause for concern.

The best solution for this problem is to visit a reputable hair transplant clinic, especially if you’re losing hair too early. While saving for or deciding on the treatment, here are some tips and tricks to cover up the obvious.

Use Hair Colour

Covering your grey hair with hair colour is not just great for the colour itself. The colour adds diameter to the hair cuticle, giving your hair some of that much-needed extra volume. But don’t colour too much, or you’ll risk weakening your hair. Once every month, touch up on the roots, then once every two to three months, do some highlights. Use hair colour several shades lighter than your real hair colour.

Get a Haircut

And by haircut, this means lop it off. Make it short, as in Coco Rocha / Gemma Arterton / Carey Mulligan short. Your hairstylist should add some layers too. The reason shorter hair doesn’t look as sparse as long hair is because it doesn’t have the burden of all that weight that brings it down.

Get Some Professional Products

Don’t go cheap on the shampoo. Professional products are labelled for the purpose, such as for adding volume, and they do what they promise to do, unlike similarly labelled copycats or cheaper versions. Be especially careful with conditioner. Using too much, especially the supermarket variety, can make your hair look thinner than it already is. Get the type that works well to make your locks look thicker and healthier.

You can’t turn back time. These are steps that can buy you some more perhaps, but eventually, you’ll have to accept the truth that you are, like everyone else, getting on in years, and your hair is only too happy to show it. Or, call that transplant clinic now for a schedule.