Reversing The Tooth Decay Process

Reversing tooth decay

Cavities are small holes in the teeth and are the result of a long process known as tooth decay. However, most people do not know that minor tooth decay can be avoided and reversed with the help of a dentist.

Research suggests that some types of tooth decay can be overturned naturally through diet or through intensive dental care. Visiting a dentist in Soho such as PS Dental Care will help monitor any existing cavities and prevent the creation of new ones. Diet is a basic component of a cavity prevention regime, since sugary foods and beverages can highly contribute to their creation. Moreover, daily brushing and flossing are as important for the prevention of cavities and gum disease.

How do cavities develop?

When teeth are frequently exposed to acid, the recurring series of acid attacks cause the enamel to demineralise. White spots may appear where minerals have been lost on the teeth and this is usually an early indication of tooth decay. At this stage, tooth decay is easily stopped or reversed. This is because the enamel can rebuild itself by using minerals from saliva, toothpaste or a special fluoride treatment offered by a dentist in Soho. If the tooth decay process is uninterrupted, more minerals are lost and over time cavities are formed. If the enamel is destroyed and demineralised, then cavities are formed and these can only be repaired with fillings or other tooth restorations.

Avoiding cavities

Fluoride is a really important mineral for the health of the teeth and studies have shown that it helps greatly with the prevention of cavities. Not only does it prevent mineral loss in tooth enamel, but also it prevents bacteria producing acid. However, fluoride can be bad for the health and should not be consumed in excessive quantities. Most people cover their dental fluoride needs via the community water supply and toothpaste. If the dentist in Soho thinks that a patient needs more fluoride, they can apply a fluoride gel on the tooth surfaces or recommend using a fluoride mouth rinse for a specific period of time. Cavities and tooth decay can be easily reversed, provided patients visit a dentist in Soho regularly for cleaning and examinations.