Sitting at Your Office Desk Could Cause Injuries

incorrect posture while working

Many people would think that you’ll avoid physical injuries when you work inside the office. However, even when you’re just sitting and crunching your brain to complete a task, you’re at high risk of sustaining various injuries that could become serious if you just neglect it.

You need to pay attention and take action to what you feel to prevent office-related injuries. Such injuries could cost you income loss from expensive hospitalizations, depending on your condition.

Your arms and other body parts could be affected

Just sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours could cause you pain in the elbow, back, or neck. Physical therapists could treat such pains, but if your condition worsens, you may need to consult a locum physician specializing in orthopedic surgery. Injuries like cubital tunnel syndrome (CTS) could be triggered if you lean your elbows on your office chair armrests for a prolonged period.

The symptoms that include tingling, numbness, weakness, and grip loss could worsen if you neglect the condition. You may sustain CTS if a large nerve in the inner part of your elbow is pressured as a result of bent elbows.

Ways you can improve your office life to avoid injuries

To avoid such injuries, experts often advise that you implement office ergonomics. If your work consists of sitting in front of a computer for long hours, ensure that your back is well supported by a backrest. When sitting, make sure that your elbows are not too high or too low from your hands when you reach the keyboard and computer mouse. Another idea is to put all the things you often use near you so you won’t need to overextend your arms to reach something. Some employees stand up from their office chair for few minutes to relax their arms.

Injuries could also happen in the office if employees do not practice office ergonomics. Such injuries should not be neglected for you to avoid hospitalizations.