3 Top Things to Negotiate for When Buying Your First Home

A modern and newly built home

If you’ve been looking at the many Richland houses for sale for your dream home, chances are you’ve seen one or two that piqued your interest. While you have a set budget for the house you wanted to buy, chances are what you’ve seen is priced a little higher. The good news is there’s always room for negotiation when it comes to the price. But what else can you negotiate for?

Time taken to close

After spending months prepping the house and waiting for a serious buyer, your seller will most likely be eager to close. If you demonstrate a willingness to have the escrow process take 30 days instead of 60, you can prompt them to accept your offer more readily. That said, you should be sure that your financing and inspections can be worked out in that timeframe.

Inspection timeframe

The seller, of course, wants to complete the entire process as soon as possible. As the buyer, however, you should never have to feel like you’re under pressure to rush the house inspection—given how important it is. Still, you can come up with a tight deadline, so it doesn’t look like you’re dragging your feet. Assuring the seller that this will happen can sway them to accept your offer.


As soon as the inspection is over and you discover that the house has issues that need to be addressed, you have sufficient room for negotiation. There are two ways to go about this process. You can either ask the seller to do the repairs before you buy the house or ask for a price reduction.

Besides the price, there are other things you can negotiate for when buying a home. By knowing what these, you can persuade the seller to accept your offer or get a reduction in the asking price.