4 Questions to Answer Before Building a Pool in Your Home

So, you’ve finally saved more than enough to get that pool everyone in the family’s been wanting. You’ve already window-shopped for aluminum pool fences, outdoor gazebos, and lounge chairs for your pool area. The only thing left is to actually build that pool.

Before calling your pool contractor, take time to answer these questions first.

Why do you want a pool?

Besides the fact that everyone in the family wants it, what are your other reasons for having it built? Is it more for the kids? For lapping? Or for general relaxation purposes? Knowing your “why” will greatly influence the other factors like size, depth, and other factors.

Can your land handle it?

Pools are perfect to build on a level piece of land. But if your area slopes even just a little, it could be a challenge and may cost you more. The type of property will also affect the construction of your pool. Rocky, sandy, or unstable soil can make it difficult to build a safe and sturdy pool.

What kind of pool do you want?

If you plan to have most of your gatherings around the pool, you might want to have a wide space around it. There are many pool styles, types, and designs that you can choose from, depending on where you’re having it in your home, and why you’re building it in the first place.

What are your local rules and regulations on pool construction?

Each state may have different requirements for building a pool, especially residential ones. There may be requirements for barriers, temporary enclosures, and maintenance. Make sure that your pool and its construction will comply with these rules and regulations to avoid any hassles.

Adding a pool to your home is a major renovation and may require you to vacate some areas in your home. Be sure to make the necessary preparations before starting construction, and remember that safety should always come first.