4 Things to Do Right After Your Neighbor’s Home Is Burglarized

Learning that your neighbor was recently robbed can be a scary experience. What’s even scarier is knowing that burglars tend to come back to the same neighborhood. What this means is that you could be next.

Don’t freak out just yet. There are things you could do right now to ensure that your house is not the next in line, even if the burglars do come back.

1. Upgrade your home’s security features.

Homes that have visible security features are three times less likely to be a target. Investing in a black aluminum fence, a sturdy gate, several surveillance cameras and a security alarm can discourage thieves from seeing your home as an easy target.

Examine all the security locks around your home and reinforce those that seem unreliable.

2. Clear all potential hiding spots.

Sure, shrubs and hedges do make your home look gorgeous, but could they also serve as hiding spots for intruders into your home? Time to make a choice. If there are plants that are too near your windows that could conceal criminals, they have to go.

3. Involve a security professional.

The most effective way to avert an attack on your home is to have a security professional involved. You could employ a security guard to man your gate or work with an alarm response security agency. As soon as an alarm goes off, the agency can promptly send someone around to come to your aid.

4. Visit your neighbor.

It’s easy to get so caught up in beefing up security in your home that you forget how devastated your neighbor may be feeling after a recent intrusion. Go over and talk to them as soon as you have the time.

Bring some nice food or a comforting card to show your sympathy. It would be the same thing you’d have wanted if you were in their shoes.

A burglary in your neighborhood can shatter your perception of safety. The best way to keep yourself safe is by boosting your home’s security, so you’re not the next victim.