4 Various Kinds of Water Heaters That You Should Know

a man fixing the water heater

A nice hot shower after a long day’s work is a nice little piece of luxury that anyone can enjoy. There are several varieties of water heaters in states like Utah that you can choose from.

However, selecting a water heating system that should not only be able to heat water, but it should also be energy-efficient at the same time.

Listed below are the basic types of water heaters available in the market today.

Conventional Storage Tank

Storage tanks consist of an insulated basin where water is stored and heated until you use it. It also has a pressure relief and temperature valve that alleviates pressure as soon as it reaches 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

Storage water tanks should be regularly drained and cleaned out to remove sediments a few times a year to ensure that it’ll be fully functional for years to come.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters utilize intense flashes of heat on its water-filled coils to quickly heat the water as it passes through. It’s also considered to be more energy-efficient but has a much pricier initial cost. It’s best for families that require hot water all at one time.

Electric Pump Water heater

This type of water heater raises the temperature from the air as it transfers the water contained within its storage tank. It’s always advisable to clean its air filters regularly to ensure that it functions at its best.

Solar Water Heater

The solar water heater uses a solar collector and an insulated storage tank to heat the water. It’s most often installed on roofs or in the yard. This type of water heater mainly distributes water using a pump, while other models mainly rely on gravity to circulate the water.

There are other more types of water heaters that you may want to consider for your home. But to determine which is best for your needs, you need to weigh in several other factors such as its energy- efficiency and how often you’ll use it to determine which one is the right model for your home.