5 House Cleaning Tips to Keep Asthma Under Control

Is there someone in your household who’s been diagnosed with asthma? Or do you have asthma and have had trouble keeping it under control? Sometimes the main culprit of asthma or an allergy attack is your own home. There are many elements in a house that can carry allergens that trigger asthma, like your air vents, for example.

Home Comfort Experts, HVAC cleaning specialists in Indiana, believe that air duct cleaning services can help prevent allergies and asthma. Here are some tips on how to keep your home safe for people with asthma.

1. Get Rid of Dust-Gathering Clutter

Clutter is defined as something that’s there that shouldn’t be. Things like souvenirs from your travels, books you don’t read, or a collection of stuffed animals. All these can gather allergens in the air. Store them away or donate them to charity.

2. Keep Pets Outside

Pet dander is a known cause of asthma and allergies. And you can’t stop a pet from scratching or shedding dander. It’s best to keep them out of your room or of any living area where pet dander can get caught in.

3. Don’t Use Strong Cleaning Products

Several cleaning products can also trigger asthma attacks. Those with strong odors and fragrances and cleaning products that have bleach can all affect the respiratory tract and can irritate air passageways causing symptoms of allergies that can lead to asthma.

4. Use an Air Purifier

An air purifier can help catch particles that can trigger asthma attacks. It’s best to put them in rooms where you stay in the most like your bedroom or living room area.

5. Wet-Mop Hard Surfaces and  Vacuum Carpets Regularly

Mopping the floor with water can easily get rid of dust that can cause asthma. Carpets, on the other hand, can easily collect allergens. It’s either you get rid of them or make sure they are regularly vacuumed.

Remember that asthma control must start in the place where you stay the most. Follow these tips to keep your asthma triggers at bay and keep those sniffles under control.