5 Types of Wood for your Outdoor Needs

Concrete, PVC and steel have all but replaced products that were once made purely of wood (i.e. fences, window frames, doors, etc.). There are, however, still some things that are better off wooden. Among these are your outdoor buildings. Whether you are building a patio, deck, shed or backyard studio, using wood as your main construction material makes it aesthetically pleasing and durable. Moreover, the secret to longer-lasting wooden structure lies in choosing the right wood type.

Types of wood for your outdoor needs:


Due to its lightweight properties and natural resistance to decay, cedar is the most common wood choice of home-owners for their outdoor construction needs. Moreover, cedar wood’s aromatic oils naturally repel insects, making it a great choice for wall coverings in your backyard shed or studio.


This type of wood is a popular material choice due to its rot-resistant properties. Cypress does not rot, even when exposed to extremely wet conditions. This makes it a great choice for building outdoor furnishings like docks and decks.


Ipe is almost like concrete when it comes to hardness and durability. Aesthetically, it weathers to a light silver-gray colour over time, making it a popular choice for commercial and residential construction projects.


A soft lumber like cedar, redwood is also a rot-resistant wood that ages to a pleasing grey colour or to a blackish tone. To retain its original colouring, using a sealer is recommended.


Not only does mahogany resist rot, but it is also pest-resistant due to its tight-grained tropical hardwood properties. Furthermore, there are different types of mahogany wood. Treating it regularly can definitely help maintain its original hue.
When it comes to building outdoor structures, there are many different wood types you can choose from. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Including these five in your choices will definitely be a helpful addition.