A Few Life Hacks That You May Want To Consider When Maintaining

Person Working on A Fireplace

Properly maintaining your fireplace is not as complicated as it may seem. Cleaning a custom fireplace in Utah can be done single-handedly by anyone. But before you proceed with doing the task alone, here are a few life hacks that you may want to consider.

Use a respirator

Before you even start the process of cleaning your fireplace, you may want to use a respirator to protect yourself from creosote. Based on an article posted on the DIY Network, Creosote can break the venting part of the chimney since it’s a combustible material. In that part of the chimney, everything on top of the damper is meant for burning gasses but not for oxidization.

Inspect the fireplace

While you’re cleaning the fireplace, you may want to check the bricks for any damages. If you’re using a regular brick, it’s advisable to chisel out the previous mortar and have it replaced with a much better high-temperature cement. You should also check the damper if it’s still in the correct position as well.

Keep an eye out for soot buildup

You may want to check if there is any soot buildup in the chimney. Soot and ash can be corrosive to finished surfaces. You may want to protect the space that surrounds your fireplace.

Install a chimney cap

You may also consider having a chimney cap installed to ensure that your fireplace will be properly functioning. It’ll also keep rainwater and debris away from the chimney as well.

If you want to make things easier, hiring a professional to handle your fireplace is always a great option. You should choose a company who can provide yours with a great fireplace solution for your needs. Maintaining your fireplace is a must especially if you want to keep its pristine condition for several years to come.