A Guide for Choosing Brackets for Barn Doors’ Track Mounting Systems

Modern Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors may be the trendiest option nowadays. These doors, however, are more than just stylish additions to your indoors. They are space-saving, easy to install, safe, convenient and private.

These doors come with various track-mounting systems, which require different bracket types. It is essential to match the brackets you get from a sliding barn door hardware supplier in Australia to your mounting system for its efficiency. Here is a guide to match your mounting system and bracket type.

Sidewall Track Mounting

In this system, the track is mounted facing a wall or one face of your building. The sidewall brackets used for mounting are spaced with not more than 24’’ centres. To join two sides of the track and form an uninterrupted run, lock-joint hardware brackets are the ideal option. These brackets are placed in the centre of your track runs to keep the door leaves from going past the midpoint.

Double Sidewall Mounting

This is the ideal option for parallel doors with dual track systems. The hardware used for this mounting is a double style sidewall bracket. The parallel doors are used in double track systems and places where your sliding barn door will be used in front of an access door for privacy screens.

Overhead Mounting

In this system, your brackets are mounted on an overhead structure. The ideal brackets for this mounting include cross ear and centre overhead brackets. Lock-joint brackets are used to piece together two sections of your tracks.

Now that you know the ideal brackets for your sliding barn door’s mounting, you can shop with confidence. With the right brackets, your door will last for a long time and function efficiently. The door will also be a big boost to your interior décor with the right bracket choice.