Brain Behind the Beauty: The Science of Colour in Your Home’s Aesthetics

a purple-themed living room

Colours are more than decorative elements that improve the visual appeal of a room. They also influence the atmosphere in the space. In fact, there’s an entire science dedicated to this: colour psychology. And you can very well use this to your advantage, as interior designers in Wellington do so.

Here are some ways to do it:

For your kitchen:

Ever wondered why most of the biggest food brands have red in their logos? It may be due to the fact that red stimulates appetite. So if you want your family and friends to enjoy and love the food you prepare, splash some reds on your kitchen. Some home-owners paint their kitchen cabinets red, while some install red subway tile backsplashes. Just be mindful of the other colours you’ll introduce to the space. Red is already a bright, strong colour, so you may want to keep the other colours in the light shades. Consult interior painters; Wellington specialists like can help you determine the best hues to go with red, depending on your design goals.

For your bedroom:

Cool colours, such as green and blue, offer relaxation. It’s one of the reasons you feel so calm when you spend even just a few seconds at the garden, looking at plants, or at the beach, seeing the crashing waves. These are the colours you want for your bedroom, your place of rest. According to interior design experts, the darker the shade, the better the effect is. So explore darker hues with your painter. Don’t forget to prioritise soft textures as well in this space, like, silk and faux fur, to increase the vibe of comfort and relaxation.

For your bathroom:

White brings out a sense of cleanliness and purity. So in the bathroom where the most intimate human activities are done, white is a good choice. Spa colours, like green and blue, are also good since bathrooms aren’t just for peeing and washing up, but for relaxing as well. Some experts also recommend using colours that look good on you for this room. When you look at yourself in the mirror with the backdrop of a hue that flatters you, it instantly creates a good feeling. So go ahead, splash your favourite colours in your bathroom.

Don’t just use colours for visual appeal. Pick them purposefully to improve the purpose of a specific room. Use science for aesthetics.