Considerations to Make When Selecting Shower Glass Enclosures

Many people only consider bathroom aesthetics when choosing a glass shower door. They do not pay attention to the material and quality of the shower door, caring only that it complements the interior design and overall vibe that they are going for. You should pay close attention to the quality of the enclosure, however, if you are going for the most cost-efficient option.

Residential and commercial glass enclosure providers in Kansas City feature different types of glass materials for their shower door products. The most common type is tempered glass, which is well-known for being strong and sturdy. On a related note, here are the different features of glass materials that will help you decide which glass shower enclosure is the most cost-efficient for you.

Glass Thickness

Glass thickness is one of the most common features you should look for when purchasing shower door glasses. Thicker glass options are heavier and are common for frameless and semi-frameless units. Thinner options, on the other hand, are suitable for framed units that provide structural support and protection along the edges of the glass.

Glass Protection

After installing a new shower glass, you do not want to spend hours on end cleaning it. This demand has not only raised the popularity of frameless units – with few crevices and nooks to clean – but has also made many homeowners choose glass materials with surface protection. This ensures that your glass experiences less staining and corrosion.

Glass Appearance

Clear glass is a go-to option for many people, but you can also choose among other glass textures and looks. You may, for example, go for patterned glass, frosted glass, or colored glass to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Your shower glass door should not only give your home a curb appeal. It should also be functional and easy to maintain. As such, think carefully about the material of your shower door before installing it.