Granny Flats: 4 Essential Things to Keep in Mind Before Installation

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Whether it’s to add value or extra space in your lot, a granny flat is definitely one of the best ideas to think of. However, building one is not as simple as you think. To help and guide you with your decision, here’s what you have to know first.

What’s the purpose of having one?

Although you’ve pretty much made up your mind into the idea of having one, it’s still important to back up your decision with a good reasoning. As it’s an investment-in-the-making, having a concrete plan on its construction determines the amount of money and time you’re willing to spend. Besides, as you embark on this project, it also involves time and energy. You can’t simply take this for granted.

How much money will you be spending?

Next on your list of concern is the budget you’ll be allotting for this project. As you may know, granny flats come in different sizes, styles, and shapes. Each of them varies in building cost and terms of the purchasing price. This is why the planning and the actual building must not be taken lightly. Otherwise, it’ll be a total waste of investment.

What would the local council have to say about it?

Another consideration you can’t set aside is the building restrictions and regulations around your area. For one, every structure you build always undergo to the approval of your local community. Otherwise, you might cause a lot of ruckus within your neighbourhood. This rule applies not only to the installation of granny flats, but to every addition or construction you’d like to make within your property.

What are your future plans?

As mentioned early, building this structure within your area can make a major turn on your investment. Not only because it is part of your home, but because it can create greater impact for years to come especially when you’re considering the idea of selling or renting it out.

A granny flat can make a great investment when done correctly. Whether you plan on doing it now or maybe in the future, be sure you keep these reminders in mind to avoid committing mistakes during the process. Be a smart homeowner and get all the help you need before you take action to ensure that everything is planned out properly.