How to Utilise Shade Solutions for Reduced Energy Costs

a home with an outdoor canopyWith the increasing price of electricity and energy sources, many energy conservation strategies are emerging, particularly in larger buildings where efficient temperature control creates big savings. Ways to shade a space from the sun has advanced with technology, but tried and tested methods remain popular.

Commercial ways of creating shade have developed over the years as technology advances. Some incorporate innovative ideas, others improve existing methods. Shading can be tailor-made and set up to enhance the look of surrounding structures. For example, in a school, shelters and canopies can be easily put up to provide a venue for attractive outdoor learning and play.

There are different kinds of solar shading solutions that you can choose from depending on the budget and type of structure you have. Here is a list of the different shading types to consider.

Foldable and movable awnings

Awnings are shields that protect from the intense heat and light of the sun. This shading solution covers large areas and is considered the cheapest method with the option of using a variety of materials including cloth, wood and metal. This foldable shelter can be used in doorways, patios, parking lots, and in front of many establishments.

Tinted glass

This type of shading uses a special kind of glass that is designed to sieve the sun’s rays and block heat from entering the building or structure. This shading type can be seen mostly in shopping centres and high-end because of the high cost of the specialized glass.

Window blinds

Window blinds come in many designs. They restrict the amount of UV rays entering a room and keep the temperature lower inside the building. They are easy to install and are a cheaper alternative to tinted glass. Window blinds can be adjusted manually or using remote controls.

The types of shade solutions available enable better natural light and temperature control in a building. This not only improves living and work conditions but saves costs too.