IAONZ survey shows insulation need for 170,000 NZ properties

Hispanic couple outside home for rent

Rental property owners in New Zealand need to realise the urgency of insulating their properties, especially since there is a backlog of 170,000 properties that need central heating from plumbers like Tim Miller Plumbing in NZ, according to the Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ).

An IAONZ survey showed that the number of properties requiring insulation increased from 2016, as landlords only insulated 10,000 rental properties.

Health Risks

Non-insulated homes pose health risks to tenants due to the presence of mould, as well as being damp and cold, according to Richard Arkinstall, Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries executive officer. It also increases electricity prices for households since they would require additional heat.

Landlords face a deadline of insulating their rental properties by July 2019. Those who fail to do so would have to pay a fine worth up to $4,000. IAONZ President Stu Henwood said that many landlords could end up paying a hefty fine, as the peak rate of insulating activity for homes only reaches 60,000 per year. The deadline is just less than two years from now, so landlords should act soon if they want to avoid paying fines.

Tenant Action

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) advised tenants to inform their landlord or real estate manager if their property needs insulation. Henwood suggested that landlords could insulate the building by themselves with the use of the NZS 4246 standard, although it may be best to leave this to the experts.

That is because poor installation work presents a fire hazard particularly around light fittings and a weaker thermal performance, according to Henwood.


Rental property landlords in New Zealand should realise that there are certain consequences by not insulating their properties soon. They not only put their tenants’ health at risk but also violate new tenancy laws in the country.