Important Benefits of Protecting your Stairs with Railings

Spiral Stairs with Corner Table and a Floral Arrangement

Most of us do not notice them, but we use railings every single day. Railings keep our porches at home safe and keep us from falling downstairs. They support our toddlers and elderly, guide the general public and save employees from work-related accidents.

Railings are not the only factor to consider: when investing in new stairs, seek out a reliable retailer, such as Ackworth House, to advise you on the best options available. Other important components of stairs, such as firmly secured steel stringers, slip-proof treats and foundations should not be ignored ‒ but do you remember how scary it was to climb stairs without anything to hold on to?

Railings Help with Balance

When we fall, trip, or lose balance, our brain automatically looks for something we can hold on to. Without a railing, you have nothing to stop your fall. As well as embarrassment, a fall can lead to a broken bone, a dislocated joint and a trip to the hospital.

Keeps your Items Safe

If your stairs are located somewhere on your porch or outside your home, add some railings to keep everything contained. Railings help prevent your home items from blowing away, provide something secure to tie items against and give a barrier against items from the outside.

Prevents Nasty Falls and Slips

Even outdoor stairs have to be installed with railings. Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain and snow can make your stairs extremely slippery. Without a secure stairway, including resilient stringers, treads and railings, visitors and family may not feel safe using them during bad weather.

If your stairs aren’t clad with railings yet, then call your local supplier. Remember they are not the only component of stairs to consider, but an important part of overall safety.