Making your Home More Relaxing

Inside a houseMany of us lead such busy lives that it takes a concerted effort just to stop and smell the flowers. Working professionals spend most of their waking hours in their offices or on the road, and rarely have the time to slow down and relax.

Anyone who is under such constant stress would want not to come home to a house that is chaotic and disorganized.

This explains why homeowners spend their hard-earned money on home renovations and adding new features to your Utah house such as a gas fireplace. Several companies offer custom home design to improve a property’s functionality and aesthetics.

Here are some of the improvements you can make to transform your home into a relaxing sanctuary:

Creating a relaxing bedroom

Declutter your bedside table and consider adding an attractive trunk at the foot of your bed. You can use the trunk as a storage chest for pillows and blankets, or you can sit on it while you are putting on shoes.
• Put away the clothes you no longer wear to make room for things you actually need in the room.
• Make your bed before you leave the house
• If your mattress no longer provides comfort and support, consider buying a new one
• Your bedside table is not just a place to stock books you’ve meant to read. Make it into a focal point of your bedroom by placing freshly cut flowers, or scented candles.

Cozy living area

• Furniture placement is important in creating a living space that is comfortable to stay in. Start by identifying the focal point of your living room, then place furniture where you can relax and view it. A good focal point could be one of your fireplaces or a view of the outdoors via a large bay window.
• Colors also play a part in the atmosphere of your living area, so it pays to choose natural colors that are relaxing to look at. Be careful not to create a monotonous feel to the room by using some bright colors and fabrics. Pay attention to the textures you incorporate into the living room, and make sure they are soft to touch and look at.
• Arrange a few interesting pillows on the couch to add a pop of color to the living area. Throw pillows are great because they are soft and cushy, and you have something to lean on while relaxing on the sofa.
• Use area rugs to create a frame where you can place furniture. Area rugs add a layering effect to the floors of the foyer or living room and create a softness underfoot.