More is More in 2019: The Maximalist Interior Design Trends Your Home Needs

Colorful shelves maximalist interior

Minimalist designs are out, maximalists are in this 2019. This is the consensus of interior design professionals as they prepare for clients looking to renovate their homes for the New Year.

New Look for the New Year

For years, the clean and polished look of a minimalist aesthetic has ruled the world of interior design. Understandable, since white, nude, and other types of bare walls give you more freedom in choosing other elements of design.

Now, though, maximalism is gaining popularity. This interior design movement is all about mixing and matching bold design elements—popping colors, eye-catching patterns—that somehow work together. If you want your home, your office, or any of your living spaces to keep up with the maximalist trend, here are some tips to get you started:

Screaming Colors

Get rid of your fear of color combinations if you want a maximalist design. Subscribing to this design movement means using bolder and brighter hues. Here, you can experiment with clashing color palettes.

If you’re still unsure, though, try this tip on a small scale so as not to overwhelm yourself. Try placing colorful cushions in clashing tones on a plain, dark sofa. Go a bit bolder by painting your bathroom with a bright color like tangerine and placing a bright, abstract painting on its walls. This way, you can get used to the bold tones and slowly build up from there.

Playful Patterns and Texture

Like colors, you can play with patterns and texture when designing a maximalist space. You can show off bold patterns and different textures through your wallpapers. According to, you can opt for textured wallpapers of you want to take your walls into the 3-D territory. Repeating patterns will also bring the look of your space together.

Odds and Ends

Your collection of trinkets and other odds and ends will take your maximalist room to the next level. One key feature of the maximalist design is having your things on display. You may have a collection of stuff collecting dust in the attic or closed shelves. Now is the time to bring them out.

Whether you have antique china, old books, or ceramic figurines—display them all. Just make sure that you’re placing the same things together to create an organization in the midst of mismatched items.

Organized Chaos

The maximalist design is not about looking cluttered, but displaying your stuff and making an organized smorgasbord aesthetic out of them. Symmetry and organization are instrumental elements in achieving the point of the maximalist design. It brings balance and order in your space.

To achieve this, fill shelves with your odds and ends or display your different-colored glassware by type. Teacups on one side and saucers on the other. You can also organize your books by color without a car if they’re hardcovers or paperbacks. This way, the mismatched element of your collection can be united by another element.

In between popping colors and trinkets galore, always remember to stay true to your style. Don’t feign the maximalist design simply to keep up with the trend. You can more perfectly capture any design or aesthetic if you can wholeheartedly express yourself through it.