Soffit and Fascia: What and They and Why are They Important?

Soffit of a roofResidents only see the noticeable and big elements of their houses in Utah. Doors, windows, and siding might be the features that always get attention, but it’s still essential to avoid ignoring the small aspects. This includes learning what the functions of soffit and fascia, along with their importance.

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Outside your home’s underside, the overhang of the roof is where you will find a visible siding referred to as the soffit. Due to the location of the soffit underneath the roof, it’s generally not exposed with regards to curb appeal. It usually has the similar color and design as the siding of your home. However, it can be different for it will rely on your personal preferences and taste.

The soffit is essential to your home, as it has vents that aid in maintaining a balanced airflow between the attic and the roof. You might not know this, but your attic has to be ventilated properly to avoid moisture build-up that can cause mold to develop.


Fascia goes together with the soffit in your home, as it is the part of the siding that is right on top of the soffit. This is basically the visible board that you notice in front of the overhang of your roof. Besides, this is the area where you place your gutters. It is extremely exposed, and it requires you to keep it in tip-top shape to avoid putting the curb appeal of your home in trouble.

Fascia is essential to your home for it acts as a part of the foundation of the shingles or roof tiles. It also needs to be strong enough to hold the gutters up even throughout heavy rainfall.

While most people consider doors, siding, and windows as essential, you now understand why you should also pay attention to soffit and fascia.