The Dream House: Why You Should Consider a Flat Pack

small flat pack house Your first home would most likely be your biggest investment. Not only in the financial sense, but also in terms of pouring out physical and emotional energy in making this huge decision. It’s a complex decision because you have lots of options—to buy, to rent, to renovate, etc.

But one of the rising trends today in NZ is to build homes, particularly flat packs. Durapanel shares the reasons the flat pack movement is gaining traction among first-time homeowners:

Quick and Easy to Build

Traditional home constructions take months to build. Flat packs, however, could take only weeks to assemble. In fact, it’s only hours for some. Since most of the parts of the home are already pre-made off site in the factory, it’s only a matter of assembling these pre-made elements and connecting specific utilities on site.


This is the hallmark of flat pack homes. The designs commonly feature airtight seams, excellent insulation, and renewable energy sources, like solar panels. Homeowners can then maximise energy-efficiency benefits, giving them more money savings in the long run, compared to traditional homes.


Flat pack homes are generally less expensive than buying, renovating, or building from scratch. Some people believe that it’s the best solution to the housing affordability crisis. This is especially beneficial for first-time homeowners since you don’t want to break the bank and start on the wrong foot when starting a family.

Part of the reason flat pack houses are affordable is the fact that it takes only a few labourers to work on them. Plus, you can talk to the manufacturer about how you can lower down further the costs in terms of the design.

Flat pack houses particularly benefit first-time homeowners who want to settle in quickly. With less time waiting for the construction to be finished, you get to maximise family time and focus on more important matters.