Top Kitchen Benchtop Trends of 2017

A modern kitchen bench top

Time flies quickly, and sooner than later, you will be welcoming 2018. The year 2017 was definitely a year to rock popular designs for kitchen benchtops from various manufacturers such as Prestige Bench Top Limited. With this, let’s make a recap of the best picks of 2017.

Monolithic islands

The year 2016 brought back the Monolithic-designed islands, and they were also seen throughout 2017. The simple, classic design complements anyone who loves the minimalistic approach.

Organic materials

Organic products were definitely in for this year. In almost design catalogue or kitchen display, you probably encountered benchtops of wooden designs. These go perfectly with the ideal kitchen greens (such as that of a mini kitchen garden).

Smaller workstations and charging ports

The digital age is definitely upon us. Therefore, it means that charger ports are needed in benchtops for the life of your devices. In addition, since there might be a television or iPad in your work area, that would mean that there would be lesser space for your dish. Well, no worries with that because the inner chef in you can adapt to anything in the kitchen.

Coffee zones

You need that daily dose of caffeine in your system in the morning while whiffing that pancake batter and fried eggs. Yes, coffee zones are part of this year’s kitchen benchtops to ensure your needs.

The trends for 2017 are definitely classy yet slick. However, despite the huge selection of ideas in the market, always take into consideration the pros and cons of your design. Make sure that it would adapt to your daily needs and to your style. Take into consideration the material and the size. Well, the upcoming year, 2018, is surely to excite you on the upcoming trends.