Under Construction: Open For Business

construction project

During your business’ operations, it’s possible that you’ll end up having to schedule a construction project. This construction project may be due to repairs, or perhaps expansion of space, or even upgrading or renovating the area. Whichever reason it is, there’s no doubt that construction in the workplace can affect your operations, and may even cause you to cease operations temporarily. As such, if you’re keen on continuing operations to satisfy your customers, meet specific client deadlines, or wish to minimise losses, then here are tips you should consider when operating your business during construction:

Safety First

As much as companies and businesses would want to continue their operations while an expansion, upgrade, renovation, or repair project is ongoing, your company or business should first assess whether or not it’s safe to do so. If you’re a restaurant business that’s expanding its kitchen or dining space, you should properly schedule your construction or seal off the area in a way that dust wouldn’t come into contact with the food. Also, if your construction project poses a threat to your workers and customers, it’s best to cease operations for that area temporarily, as any accidents and injuries aren’t worth the profit from continuing operations.

Communicate With Stakeholders

Properly announce to your customers as well as your clients and everyone else in the company that construction is ongoing. This won’t only be for their safety, but also to make them understand that there might be some delays, or some services may not be available while construction is underway. If your warehouse is having industrial shelves added, and would have to close off a section for the safety of your workers, your clients should be notified that there could be potential delays or that you may not be able to accommodate any additional packages and goods for the meantime.

Seal Off the Area

As much as possible, you’d want the entire area to be closed off from the rest of your operations. For example, if your warehouse decides to maximise its storage space and add an area for supervisors and warehouse managers, it’s important to have the area sealed off while the mezzanine office is under construction to prevent any dust and noise from disrupting operations. Soundproofing or at least finding ways to minimise the noise as to not to bother customers and workers would be best. If loud and disruptive noises cannot be avoided, then it would be best to schedule the louder segments of the construction before or after operational hours.

Save Up


Also, it’s entirely possible that there would be unforeseen developments or issues during the construction that would force you to stop operations altogether, even with all the plans and precautionary measures in place. As such, it’s important that you have contingencies in place and that your company or business has enough savings to cover your worker’s salaries when operations stop temporarily. This would allow your workers to still get paid and avoid any union and labour law issues. It’s also ideal to have enough money saved to cover any additional costs that might come up during the construction.


Operating a business during construction could be quite tricky, but with these tips to guide you, it could get a little easier. Just remember that you should focus on minimising noise, dust, and any other elements that can disrupt your operations or affect your customers during construction. And, more importantly, to always prioritise the safety of your workers and your customers.