What is PRO-FRIENDS and Why Should You Consider Its Properties?

House model with keys and contract

If you’re buying a house and lot in the Philippines, particularly in Cavite, PRO-FRIENDS is the developer you can trust. Founded in 1999, it has established a solid local reputation for providing high-quality properties that meet the different needs of modern Filipinos and expats.

Here are the best reasons why you should trust this fast-growing developer:

Thoughtful Affordability

PRO-FRIENDS is synonymous with affordable but sturdy and stylish properties. All of its development projects, especially Lancaster New City, are consistent with its highly touted value proposition.

If you’re an Australian who intends to retire in the Philippines, any Lancaster review from websites such as South Property Sale will attest that you only need less AU$160,000 to purchase its premium property.

Moreover, PRO-FRIENDS communities are developed strategically. They’re all outside of Manila but within an easy driving distance of the metro. Mostly situated in Cavite, the values of its houses are only going to shoot up with the country’s rapidly growing economy and aggressive local infrastructure development.

Unmatched Convenience

The prime locations of its real estate projects themselves speak of convenience, but PRO-FRIENDS wants to bring everything closer to its residents.

For instance, Lancaster New City, its most ambitious development project to date, has its own clubhouse, sports facilities, swimming pool, church, school, transport centre, and business and lifestyle district with an IT park.

It practically offers anything you may need right on your doorstep.

Unquestionable Integrity

PRO-FRIENDS is affiliated with the Home Guaranty Corporation, which is a government-owned and –controlled corporation. One of its mandates is to assist private developers pursue socialized and medium-cost mass housing projects backed by guarantees and financed through long-term mortgages.

Furthermore, PRO-FRIENDS is nearing its 20th anniversary. Its long-standing presence in the industry should suffice to prove its integrity, experience, and expertise in real estate.

PRO-FRIENDS is only one of many high-profile development companies in the Philippines, but its unwavering commitment to quality, affordability, and convenience sets it apart from the rest. If you value what it stands for, strongly consider its properties when you decide to buy a house in the country.