What to Choose: The Varied Flooring Options for Educational Facilities

Polishing the floor

Polishing the floorRegardless of the school, a classroom must have a quiet and warm environment that allows students to learn effectively. You can go for wall colours with a calming effect or a sturdy yet safe furniture. You can also choose from the many types of commercial flooring in Sydney, as you’re sure to find suppliers who have a range of colours that complement any design.

Homogenous Vinyl

Vinyl is available in many collections and is made using the most updated technology. It’s an ideal flooring because it’s sturdy and can guarantee a great resistance to stains, chemicals, and scratches. Not only that, it’s free from phthalate and produces extremely low emissions that contribute to saving the environment.


This type of flooring is robust, fun, colourful, and practical. This natural product is composed of 97% natural raw materials. These have a water-based finish to keep the dust and dirt from coming in. Marmoleum makes it easy to clean the duct and repair damages.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have acoustic elements that lower the noise produced by lecture theatres. Moreover, its modular format is sturdy and it can allow users to replace or remove soiled or stained tiles easily.

Acoustic Flooring

For educational facilities, the right acoustic performance produces a great environment that will encourage students to grasp their lessons. Acoustic vinyl collections usually are created to make the most out of its sound reduction properties. It comes with an expensive option of designs and colours that have a sound reduction effect of 19, 17, and 15dB.


Flotex provides similar warmth like a textile flooring and surpasses all present acoustic regulations to guarantee a quiet sanctuary for learning. With a wide range of patterns and colours to pick from, as well as having been manufactured in an active antimicrobial agent, it’s the perfect flooring for classrooms. Moreover, it has positively affected patients who suffer from allergies by maintaining a fresh and clean environment.

These are only some of the materials you can choose for your school’s flooring. It may be a tiny detail you want to skip, but you shouldn’t.