When the Going Gets Tough, Live Tough

Home being renovated

Steel is not the first material you will think of if you want a beautiful door in your prefab home. There is something about the metal that might look offputting–if you imagine it in its raw form. When decorated and turned into beautiful and sturdy doors, however, it can be just what you need to toughen up your home.

But why exactly do you need this tough protection? Here are some dangers lurking:


Bad people are some of your worst problems because they are smart and they constantly find new ways to break in, whether you have a three-story house or have prefab home kits. Your property is vulnerable if it has glass doors that can easily be broken to allow them entry; wooden doors might be easy to mark, as well. Steel doors, on the other hand, are thick and lock in place securely, letting you sleep soundly at night.

Wild Animals

You may think the city is no place for wild animals, but think again. New Zealand’s wildlife is thriving, which means the occasional wild animal can make it to your neighbourhood randomly. If you leave your vulnerable door open and unlocked, they might invite themselves in for a little fun and some snacks.

Extreme Weather

Those screen doors are meant to keep small insects out, but when it comes to heavy storms and snow, you will need something stronger to protect you from extreme weather. You do not want your door easily crumbling under strong winds. And do mind the cold, which may seep through the frail door and bring chilly nights.

Who is ready to outsmart nature? You are–if you’ve got the right door installed.