3 Signs of a Bad Attorney

Here’s the reality: whether you are guilty or not, the quality of your legal team highly determines your fate. In other words, the quality of your legal team dictates a winning or losing case. This is why people spent so much time, energy, and money on hiring the best legal minds to defend them, especially in high-profile cases.

Whether your case is high-profile or not, there are some signs that you need to look out for to avoid hiring bad lawyers. Remember these tell-tale signs if you’re currently looking for a white collar attorney in Houston.

1. Work habits, red flags.

When it comes to work habits, spot these red flags immediately: unanswered inquiries through phone calls and emails, missed deadlines, not following when on the date when they promised. In fact, if your lawyer consistently does not return your calls, drop him or her and find a new one. Remember, you hired him to handle your case. And if you have questions, he or she is required to answer them.

2. Billing problems.

Before you hire a lawyer, make sure you understand and agree to his or her payment or billing terms. Some red flags in this area include vague billing. Your lawyer should be able to give you a detailed run-down of the expenses. Overbilling is also another red flag, especially if he or she cannot explain what the excess charges are for. Watch out for surcharges involved in legal expenses such as postage fees and copying fees. These shouldn’t even be charged to you.

3. Personality problems.

You’ll find that most lawyers are hyper, while some appear calmer than usual. If you prefer a highly energetic lawyer, go ahead. But if one stresses you out, go for the other option. Like your doctor, you lawyer’s personality should match or complement yours. You should be able to feel at ease with your lawyer, after all, you need to provide him with all the information needed for the case and this involves a sense of compatibility.

Hiring the Best Legal Team Possible

Take your time to find the best legal minds possible. Remember that you’re putting your life and your life’s work in the hands of someone else. So find the right one, even if it takes longer than usual and be quick to weed out the bad lawyers.