Why Should You Hire an Employment Lawyer?

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As a business owner, you know how complicated the laws surrounding employment are. Misunderstandings between employers and employees can arise due to poor understanding and adherence to employment laws. Just one mistake that violates your employee rights can land you in hot water.

For your protection, you should hire an expert employment law attorney in Denver or wherever you’re located in Utah. Likewise, employees can also hire a lawyer if they feel like their rights have been violated. Here are more instances when you will need the services of a qualified employment lawyer.

When Writing a Handbook

Writing your company handbook is not as easy as it sounds. Why? Because it will contain all your policies, including employment rules and it’s possible that it might have some policies that violate the employment law. This is why it’s important to have your handbook checked by a lawyer who’s well-versed in employment law. They’ll make sure that your policies don’t violate laws on overtime pay, leaves, and workplace safety.

When Terminating an Employment

Employment is at-will in all states, except Montana. This means employers can fire their employees anytime as long as there’s a valid reason. However, you should also understand that terminating an employment contract is a sensitive issue. Your lawyer will make sure that your company remains in compliance with the law, so you can avoid being sued for wrongful termination. Laying off employees also follow certain rules which you have to comply with. These rules may vary from state to state.

When an Employee Files a Lawsuit Against You

When a current or former employee files a lawsuit against you, don’t try to settle it yourself. If you say or do anything wrong, it can be used against you. Losing over a technicality is something that can easily be avoided. When you’re served with legal documents, go straight to your lawyer for legal assistance.

In an effort to save a few dollars, you may be tempted to forgo hiring an employment lawyer. It’s true that lawyer fees don’t come cheap, but losing a lawsuit will definitely cost you more.