Best Christmas Gifts for Your Special Girl

Woman holding a giftAre you thinking of giving a special holiday gift for a girl you are wooing this Christmas? Have you given a thought on what to give her? No?

Sit back and read some of the best gifts you could give her during this special occasion

A new set of makeup kit

If she usually loves to do makeup, then giving her this would surely make her eyes glow. Choose from among the famous brand lines like Maybelline, Mac, or Naked. You could also give her a new set of makeup brushes to pair with her new toys. 

Personalized jewelry

Yes, diamonds and jewelry are a girl's best friend. If you want it to become more special, have her name engraved on it. You could also have her initials if her name is too long. Let her feel that she owns it. There are famous jewelers in New York City where you can have these pieces done. 

Fashionable bag

Were you able to observe the type of bag she uses? Choose that one bag that would make her heart sink just seeing it. 

Something to keep her warm

Go for a sweater or a nice cream throw blanket. If she is a fan of mermaids, there are mermaid blankets sold online. 

Vintage things

Pretty sure she will go nuts over an Instax or a Polaroid camera as a gift. She will enjoy taking good memories with it. Just do not forget to supply her with the film. 


Is she a bookworm? She will love a new set of books that she has been dying to buy from that bookstore. Ask her in advance, so you could check if there is a copy available. If not, preorder it so you would have enough time to wrap it before Christmas Day. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and do the research now to find out what is the best holiday gift you could give to your special girl.