How to Take Proper Care of Your E-Cigarette

a woman smoking an e-cigarette

E-cigarettes have many benefits, including breaking nicotine addiction. They’re more cost-effective than the traditional cigarettes, eco-friendly, and can be used anywhere. These are the reasons people are so keen on buying and using one, but how exactly do you clean it and keep it in good condition?

Here are some ways to properly care for your e-cigarette to make sure it will last longer:

Charge it​

Make sure your e-cigarette is fully charged to keep its main battery from disintegrating. Most e-cigs has to be charged for over three hours, meaning you need to be patient when charging it.

Watch the USB light and remove it from the socket once it turns solid green. Do not overcharge it, as doing so can damage it. If you allow it to charge fully, you can use its full potential and get to enjoy it more.

Store it Properly

As tempting as it may be, you should avoid putting your e-cigarette in your pocket. This is especially a no-go if you have some metals in your pocket, such as coins or a watch.

Getting in contact with other metals can be harmful to your e-cig, as this can short the battery out, causing damage to it. It can also overheat and can be dangerous to you and the people around you. Be sure to carry it in a case to make sure it stays safe.

Lower the Nicotine​

E-cigarettes and liquids still have a little bit of nicotine in them, although it is definitely less than that of a traditional cigarette. You can start with lower strength cartridges and just build it up eventually if you want to. Using higher doses can eventually lead to excessive nicotine consumption, which can be dangerous. You can get low-nicotine refills for your e-cigarette online.

Experiment and see what works best for you and your e-cigarette. Your health should still be your main priority, the e-cig’s lifespan just comes second.