3 Real Estate Marketing Tools Every Agent Should Know in 2018

Real Estate Agent showing the couples inside a home

Marketing real estate properties have changed a lot in just a few years, with the dawn of social media, mobile apps, and augmented reality. However, there are still a few technologies, as well as marketing techniques, that stay underutilized despite their ease of use and efficiency.

Real estate reviews from reputable websites will play a major part in every homebuyer’s decision, along with these tools that are highly effective in real estate marketing.

Good Branding

People are no strangers to social media influencers. Thanks to the growing popularity of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram in growing an audience, anyone can build a community online.

This year will be the year that agents have to muster up the courage to cultivate an online brand and beef up their portfolio for self-promotion. This is more important as real estate consumers do their online research first when shopping around for properties.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been around for some time, but agents are yet to fully take advantage of this trend. Well-produced virtual reality tours that feature 360-degree scenes will surely be a hit to real estate consumers who are practically ready to issue checks for a property.

A virtual reality application is also a great way for them to see how the property would look like after sprucing it up a bit.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a great tool for you to engage your potential clients. Live streaming is popularly used for real-time tours, although you can also do a “talking head” type of video wherein you can just sit down, talk about some real estate hunting advice, and then answer some questions from your audience.

In the end, all these innovations have but one thing in common: they all help a homebuyer decide on securing that dream home. With the real estate market expected to bloom this year, we can look forward to more advances in the future.