Why Construction Firms Shouldn’t Ignore Mobile Marketing

A complete set of construction marketing services should include a greater focus on mobile campaigns, due to more people using smartphones than desktops.

In fact, mobile marketing will account for 72% of all online advertising expenses in 2019. If you haven’t thought of increasing your budget for mobile ads, there is a good chance that your business is already lags behind your competitors.

Mobile Optimization

Most people now use their phones to do research on a company, so it’s important that your website is optimized for mobile use. Almost 80% of consumers have their phones with them or near them throughout the day. With Internet connectivity, this indicated that people are now more capable of accessing information through their fingertips.

Another reason to do this involves Google putting your website on a lower ranking if it isn’t mobile-optimized. It also prevents you from losing potential clients, just because your website doesn’t load properly in their smartphones. Aside from mobile marketing, other construction trends for this year includes offsite construction work and automated construction technology.

Industry Trends

Prefabricated construction will be more common this year as companies want to improve project efficiency. This will allow general contractors to work closer with modular service providers, while solving supply-side challenges and a need to boost productivity.

Some companies will also depend more on innovative technology as another alternative for better productivity. For instance, 3D printing will continue to make waves in the construction sector after being used for seven projects around the world. California’s plan of having 3D-printed concrete turbine towers is one of them.


Choosing the right mobile and automation strategies can be confusing, but there are many marketing agencies that can help you pick the right one. When selecting the best agency, consider how their inbound marketing services can help you generate more leads and increase client engagement.