3 Factors That Influence the Average Cost of Mezzanine Floors

Furnished mezzanine office

Your company has plenty of options if you want to increase the amount of space in your warehouse facility. But the ultimate choice depends on your business’ goals and needs.

You already know, for instance, that starting a mezzanine office construction is one of the best ways to add space to your facility. But several factors go into the costing of this addition:


The primary factor in determining the cost of your mezzanine is the amount of space you want to create. Creating a more extensive mezzanine floor will require more materials, as well as time to implement. However, considering that creating a mezzanine space is a cost-effective alternative to renting an extra space, you may see the size factor in question here as negligible.

Foot Traffic

Determining the average foot traffic your mezzanine floor will get will help you establish the amount of load that the structure can withstand. Also, if you are planning to deal with heavy materials in the mezzanine area you are constructing, it is advisable you build a sturdier deck. Increasing the pounds per square foot that a surface can shoulder requires extra mezzanine beams, and this will increase the overall installation cost.


The standard mezzanine designs in the market allow the creation of simple structures. If you are looking to incorporate a custom design and extra features, you will have to consult your mezzanine floor manufacturer. The customisation process will incur additional costs, but that will help you create a design that will meet your storage needs satisfactorily.

Constructing a mezzanine floor in your warehouse will increase the amount of space in your facility, thus reducing congestion, and improving the functionality of your facility. Careful consideration of what will go into your mezzanine office construction will help you make informed decisions about the additional space you require.