Does it Help Checking Laminator Functions before Making a Purchase?

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Without a doubt, it pays to identify the various functions that you want your laminating machine to perform. However, most times, buyers fail to understand that it is difficult to find a single laminator that will offer you all the functions you want to have. However, with the help of an experienced laminating machine supplier, you can find a laminator that can perform the applications you do most frequently. You will find it useful to understand these different functions to identify the ones that you need the most:


Most laminating stations encapsulate most of their items. If this procedure is a must-do for you, then you have to decide how to prepare the image for encapsulation.


You could consider performing both cold and hot mounting of the items you laminate. Nonetheless, choosing an appropriate ink, such as those eco-solvent inks by Roland, is critical in having a perfect laminated image. Also, if you opt for uncoated mounting boards, make sure that your laminator can apply one-line type cold-mounting laminates. However, avoid inexpensive cold mounting procedures as they are prone to developing air bubbles below the print that you will be using. With dry mounting, though, you are unlikely to have this problem; therefore, you will have a more durable product.

One-Pass Mounting and Hot Lamination

With these processes, you will save on labour and waste material as there is minimal changing of machine setups and can simultaneously mount and hot-laminate many images. You can also use either a hot- or cold-mounting adhesive. Every digital imaging business has specific laminating needs that they want to meet. However, determining first the functions that you want your lamination machines to perform will be critical in finding a laminator. Although not a single laminator can perform all your applications at once, your Roland eco-solvent ink and laminator supplier can guide you in choosing a laminator that will work best for you.