Methods of Stitching Used In Concrete Repair

man preparing to repair concreteConcrete is among the most durable material options for construction. Over time however and with constant exposure to various adverse elements, concrete develops cracks. Cracks can also result from an overload on your concrete floors, pavements, and walls.

One of the techniques used for concrete cracks repair is stitching. This technique uses various products to repair the concrete floor to maintain an aggregate interlock and boost reinforcement to reduce movement of the floors’ slabs at the cracks. Here are the different stitching methods for concrete repair.

Cross Stitching

In this technique, your repair expert drill holes at various angles so that they crisscross along the longitudinal joints or cracks or at a mid-depth to the concrete slab. The dust generated through drilling these holes is removed using compressed air after which epoxy is then introduced into the drilled holes. After epoxy injection, tie bars are inserted and the excess epoxy removed.

Slot Stitching

In this repair method, slots measuring at least 25 inches are cut perpendicularly to concrete cracks using a walk-behind saw or slot cutting machine. Slot preparation involves cleaning the slots and removing the concrete. Placement of deformed bars and backfill application then follows. The backfill material is then left to cure. In slot stitching, the cracks in your concrete are held together with the considerable stress of the deformed bars.

U-Bar Stitching

In this repair method, a slot cutting machine is used for slot cutting. A pneumatic hammer removes the cracked concrete by breaking it down. U-bars are then used to create a restraining force which holds the cracks. The bars are anchored with a backfilling material.

Stitching of concrete cracks with the above methods is simple and yet produces the longest lasting concrete repair. It is however imperative to get all the products for the stitching from a trustworthy supplier. Your supplier could also assess your concrete crack and recommend the best stitching technique from the above.